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Worrying Less

about our Love Ones is possible with SAFTE.

We all want to live independently in our own homes. With our SAFTE: Safety Alert for The Elderly system, independence is possible again, with total protection and peace of mind.

SAFTE is an effective and affordable monitoring device that utilizes a patented “lack of motion” detector to ensure the resident is safely fol- lowing their normal routine. This innovative design provides Total Protection by operating both actively and passively.

Each system is equipped with a motion detector, a pendant, and a com- municator that “seizes” your existing phone line to call friends, family, or emergency personnel with 4 pre-programmed phone numbers and messages. The available two-way talk back system enhances the unit’s safety features.

SAFTE is your ‘key’ to Total Protection

4 Key Features

    • Patented “Lack-of-Motion” Detection

      If a person isn’t detected by one of our motion sensors within a certain period of time, the SAFTE system activates the communicator to contact friends, family and emergency responders..

    • 1000’ Detection Range

      Each system includes a pendant with up to 1,000 foot range. When activated it sends signals through wood, cement and steel for immediate assistance.

    • Easy to Install, Easy to Use

      The system installs in minutes. Just turn it on and go about your daily routine as it starts monitoring your movements. Includes a 5-day battery back-up.

    • No Monthly Fees!

      Other companies use a central monitoring station. We provide 24/7 activity monitoring for no additional fee.